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Born in 1964 in the industrial districts of northern France. Son of a Czech political refugee fleeing the Stalinist regime.

He grew up and built his dreams in bombed and disused factories after the war.

After technical studies, he moved towards environmental management. 
He presented a paper on the management of industrial waste and came up against the dark side of human consciousness.

At the same time, he took on the role of sports / events / outings reporter in high school. The development of films in the dark on Wednesday afternoons brought him to meditation. 
First SLR at age 20, a fully manual, robust and rustic Russian Zenith allowed him to become the witness of what he was seeing and an experimenter of the invisible.

Difficult to describe a passion. Beauty and ugliness can be captured and generate a lasting and communicative emotion.
Sharing his pictures, choosing the words he puts on them, feeling the emotions they trigger… this is not a lifestyle choice but a primary need for the artist. 

Getting out of the stress of modern life and immersing oneself in contemplation allows to be conscious of the Awakening, just like in meditation.

I invite you to get out of the stress of modern life and immerse yourself in contemplation.

Our gaze is a bridge that connects souls and allows sharing.

Are you looking for me? Find me in the reflection of your pupil ...

Living together, sharing our experiences and our emotions, venturing beyond everyday life, this is a human adventure worth living!

When I take a picture, I think of you ... Zarajen

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