Born in 1964 in the industrial districts of northern France, I grew up and built my dreams in the streets and abandoned factories of the post-war period.

After technical studies, I become aware of the growing global pollution and orient my studies towards the protection of the environment.
I present a thesis on the management of industrial waste and obtain a master's degree in environmental management as well as the title of Eco-adviser at the Institute Eco-conseil de Strasbourg (INSA).

In reality on the ground, I run up against the immobility of companies and leaders decided to create an educational and humorous blog for young people who seek their place in society, in respect for our planet.

Meanwhile, during my studies, I created a photo club in high school and took the role of reporter sport / outputs / events of the institution.

The development of film in the dark on Wednesday afternoon brings me to meditation and contemplation and definitely gives me a taste for photography.

I buy my first SLR at age 20, a Russian TTL Zenith entirely manual, robust and rustic. This allows me to become the witness of what I see and the experimenter of the invisible.

This passion will never leave me and will continue until today ...

For several years now, I have been creating photo series for:

    advertisements, jewelry shops, clothing
    family groups or friends
    individuals, couples
    Insurance in the event of claims
    reports in street art and circus festivals
    groups and troupes of performances in circuses or clubs, dance schools ...

I do not miss patience for pictures of children or animals, group photos.

Sharing my passion for the image and the emotions that flow from it is not only a choice of life but also a primary need.